General InformationEdit

Just for NWN?Edit

This wiki has been created for players and DMs of NeverWinter Nights servers but there are no reasons why players of other D&D based games will not find use in the information contained within its pages.

Filling in the gaps?Edit

In some cases, where there is no details about a specific subject, the editors of this wiki are allowed to use their own knowledge to fill in the blanks but must indicate this on the page. For example, the Gods section contains a huge number of Deities but a number of those have never been given anything more than a name and a small list of statistics. If (at a later date) more details are provided then the information should be updated and the previous details added to an "alternative" page for reference. (Example an updated page on Parrafaire would have its old details saved in ALT Parrafaire. This means that those users relying on the previous information can still refer to it)).

True way to roleplay?Edit

There are no true ways to roleplay. Granted some methods are better than others but there's never one set path you must follow. If you have a suggestions for a particular aspect of roleplaying a character, please share it but don't overwrite suggestions already provided. Instead, simply add your ideas below that one (add your wiki name also if you wish).

Current ProjectsEdit

MurlynLAN GodsEdit

At the moment, I am creating and placing blank templates into the "Gods" pages to make it much easier for anyone to edit them and include there own content. Please leave the template intact though and edit just the relevant text. If you feel comfortable with wiki tags, add sections as required but don't remove any.

20 November 2008: I've added a template to each of the God's pages. Now the hard work really begins... Editing each one from the top of the list and writing up the details etc...


MurlynLAN BooksEdit

Another big project is the books section of the wiki. I plan to write as much as possible but would be glad of some help with this.